The Ideal Pet For Home

How To Choose The Ideal Pet For Home

When choosing an ideal pet for home, you simply can’t grab the first animal that has the fluffiest ears or the cutest smile. Bringing home a pet is a huge responsibility and not to mention, it is a long-term commitment that is sure to affect your overall lifestyle. Each animal has its emotional and physical needs that you must fulfill. So, ensure you conduct proper research before bringing a furry friend home.

Home Considerations To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Ideal Pet

Like humans, animals require a set of living conditions to prosper and lead a healthy life. You must consider various factors, such as available space, condition of the house, presence of other pets and of course, whether or not you have the kids on board. To help you get started, here are a couple of factors you must consider:

Living Condition

While fish, cats and gerbils are happy to be a part of any residential or office dwelling, canine friends prosper well in certain environments. Dogs are certainly among the most active lot and will be happy in both houses and high-rise buildings just as long as they have regular access to an outdoor park. Canines will also be much happier if you have a large backyard where they can play catch and dig.

Consider Noise with Pets

Additionally, not all buildings allow pets, such as dogs and cats, so be sure to read up on your apartment’s rules and regulations regarding pets before actually bringing one home. Also, don’t forget to consider the noise factor since you don’t want to disturb your neighbors, especially if you are planning on bringing home a dog or a talkative bird.


Certain animals might not be appropriate for your home, especially if you or someone else in your house is suffering from allergies. If you are planning on bringing home a dog, do your research about the specific breed. You need not worry about such things if you want to adopt a pet fish.

Prepare For Lifelong

Please don’t adopt a pet only to bring him back to the shelter after a few days. It is not fair to the animals, especially if they wind up getting abused or abandoned. To avoid such problems, conduct adequate research on the requirements of being a pet owner.

Child hugs a dog

You can’t expect your pet to be happy if you are barely in the house and don’t pay any attention to them. Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment so be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep your furry friend happy.

Pet Costs

Apart from considering the cost of food, water and shelter, you must also consider health costs. Pets such as cats, birds and dogs are likely to have significant healthcare costs, especially if they get ill or injured. You may talk to friends and family members who are existing pet owners to determine average annual veterinary costs. Watching a pet suffer from an illness can be a traumatic experience, especially if you can’t afford the cost of taking him to the vet, so choose wisely.


If you are barely at home because of your job and like to spend weekends away with friends, you might want to reconsider the type of pet you plan on getting or whether you should get one at all. Animals, like babies, crave attention and will need you to stick around the house as much as possible.

Dogs in a cage ready for travel

This might be okay if you have a roommate or a family member who will be willing to take care of your cat or dog while you are away. However, boarding your pet on a flight after every few weeks won’t be fair to them. Consider getting a fish or any other animal that might not miss you as much while you are away.

Training Required For A Pet

While some pets, such as cats and dogs, require extensive training, other animals, such as fish and gerbils, will not require nearly as much attention. This is an important factor to consider as some ignorant pet owners end up abandoning their dogs simply because they are unable to train them properly.

Remember, there are no ‘bad dogs’ or ‘bad pets.’ You simply need to be prepared enough to adequately train your dog. If you are planning on adopting a puppy, ensure you are ready to dedicate enough time to obedience training. Obedience training is a means to educate yourself and the pet. This also includes house training for cats, ferrets and dogs.

Ensure Your House Is Pet-Friendly

Did you know that something as harmless as a block of chocolate or piece of chewing gum can be lethal for dogs? Before you consider bringing a furry animal’s home, ensure your house it pet-friendly. Search for hazards that might potentially harm your new house guest.

Friendly Dog in Bath

Some common things you need to watch out for include cabinets, chemicals on the floor, glass bottles and small toys that can serve as choking hazards. You must also check your house for toxic plants that might be poisonous for cats and dogs. Store dangerous chemicals out of reach and discard potential dangers that could harm your pet.

Choosing The Right Breed

Whether you are adopting a pet cat or a dog, you need to bring home the right breed. Once you have considered personal and preliminary home factors, start researching on what breed would be most suitable for you. The animal’s breed is likely to have a significant effect on his personality and lifestyle, so choose wisely.

Choosing The Ideal Pet Your Home

Once you have gone over the above considerations, it is time you select the best animal that will suit your needs. The most popular choices include:


Contrary to popular belief, fish make wonderful pets. Not only are they soothing to watch but they also do not take up too much space and are low maintenance! This makes fish a popular pet choice among young children or college students who won’t be able to invest much time and effort on their new friend.

Aquairum Enviroment

Taking care of a fish is simple. All you have to do is feed them regularly and ensure the tank is clean. Here are a couple of reasons why fish make excellent pets:

Safe For The Kids

There’s no denying that kids are likely to get a little carried away the moment an animal steps inside their home. While older kids can easily be taught not to roughhouse with the pet, younger children are prone to misbehave with animals. In some cases, this might also trigger the pet to fight or push your child away.

Getting a pet fish is the safest option if you have a toddler that enjoys chasing or running after cats and dogs since your new pet will safely reside in a tank that will be situated far from their reach. Teach your children not to startle the fish or tap on the glass since this will teach them to hide whenever you walk by.

Don’t Worry About Space

Even the smallest cats and dogs can make a large apartment seem tiny thanks to all the beds, food, toys and supplies needed to keep them happy and comfortable. Even pets like ferrets, rabbits and birds also take up space because of their cages.

Aquariums require a fixed small space

Fortunately, you need not worry about all these factors when you are purchasing a fish. All you need is a cute fish bowl or a tank to keep your aquatic friend happy. In addition, you need not worry about leaving your pet home in case you are planning a vacation.

They Don’t Require Constant Attention

Let’s admit it, fish don’t care whether you are there or not and can spend their entire day swimming, eating and napping without feeling lonely. Fish make the best pets for people who don’t intend on spending time fussing over their new house guests.

If you would rather want a pet that leaps with joy at the sight or you and craves for constant attention (and affection), consider getting a dog.

Soothing And Relaxing

Watching fish swim around can prove to be therapeutic and is also known to reduce stress levels. Apart from being low maintenance, several pet owners also appreciate the fact that fish aren’t noisy and won’t disturb the neighbors. This makes them an ideal pet choice for folks who live in apartments or with roommates.

Fish are relaxing to watch

Be As Creative As You Want

Who said having a pet fish had to be boring? Pet owners can utilize their free time in decorating the aquarium. Not only will this help make your pet’s home look more attractive but it will also create an interactive habitat.

Consider adding invertebrates, such as small snails, jellyfish and other animals to the aquarium. Not only will they help make the aquarium livelier but they will also help keep the tank clean by eating algae off the walls.


It’s no secret that dogs are the most popular pets in town because well, who wouldn’t want to be welcomed home with a smiley face and a wagging tail?

Cute Dog for House

Dogs might not be low maintenance as fish but they are certainly a lot of fun, especially for pet owners who like to get plenty of exercise and are genuinely in need of a loving companion. Here are a couple of reasons why you should get a dog:

Playful Creatures

Dogs are playful creatures and will always be ready to have some fun. These furry pals will also encourage you to get out of the house more, allowing you to stay fit and healthy. You are unlikely to get bored if you bring home a canine companion. This makes dogs an ideal pet for folks who enjoy spending time outdoors and want to befriend a playful pet.

Perfect Pet For Your Little Ones

Do you have young kids that home that could use a pet? Children with pet dogs are known to have better social, motor and cognitive results compared to those who don’t. Having a furry friend around the house will also teach your kid to be more responsible.

Dogs are perfect playmates for kids

Consider asking your children to talk turns feeding or walking the dog. This will teach them to work together as a team and will also inculcate the importance of helping around the house from a young age.

Emotional Support

Dogs have not been called man’s best friend for nothing. The bond you share with a dog is one of the strongest you will ever experience. Dogs are loyal creatures that will always be there for you after a long day. They offer emotional and moral support that you may sometimes not be able to get from the people around you.

Not to mention, with a pet dog, you no longer have to worry about being good with words since all your furry friend needs is unconditional love, no questions asked. Caring for a canine friend relieves symptoms of depression and enables people to be more positive.

Lowers Stress

It may sound too good to be true but spending time with your pet dog is known to decrease stress hormones. Playing, petting or even watching your dog goof around can reduce stress levels. This ultimately leads to a happier life and allows you keep your cool during difficult situations.

Dogs are known to lower stress

While adopting a dog might seem like a great idea, don’t forget to consider all the work involved in keeping your canine friend happy. If you work long hours or cannot devote much time to your pet, you are better off with an independent breed that will not miss you too much.


Now, how can one forget these lovely felines? Cats are lovable creatures and make great house pets. While they might not be as playful as dogs, these ferocious felines are fiercely independent and can be a lot of fun to have around the house. Here are a couple of reasons why you should get a cat:

They Are Independent

Each animal has its unique set of traits that help it stand apart from other pets. Cats are indeed one of a kind and are naturally independent creatures and require minimal supervision.

Cats are very independent

This makes them excellent pets for city dwellers, people who live in apartments who simply want a pet that is generally mellow. While you can spend time playing with a yarn ball or walking your cat, it is not necessary to their lifestyle so you need not put in too much effort.


You know, what else is great about cats? They bathe themselves. Trying to get your feline friend in water is not a good idea if you prefer being scratch-free.

Fortunately, they are intelligent creatures that bathe themselves, leaving you with one less chore to worry about. Also, cats are unlikely to develop fleas and other skin problems that dogs are susceptible to. In short, it is a win-win situation for both you and your pet.

They’ll Keep Themselves Entertained

You know what’s great about cats? They will keep themselves entertained with old shoeboxes and toys, you name it. Cats can sit for hours on the window sill watching life go by whilst plotting against the world (you never know!)

Cat playing with toy

This ensures you need not look for ways to constantly entertain your pet and can continue completing your daily chores without additional distractions. Not to mention, they will certainly keep YOU entertained with their random leaps and dances. Why else do you think funny cat videos are so popular?


Despite being independent and slightly detached, cats are cuddly animals that can easily fit in your lap, unlike a 100-pound dog. Plus, cats are warm and fluffy animals that make for great snuggling companions when you want to stay at home in front of the TV all day long. In fact, your feline friend will be happy to enjoy a lazy Sunday with you since they enjoy napping.

Loving Creatures

While many people would think otherwise, cats have the tendency to love people on their own terms. They might not wallop with joy at the sight of you like dogs but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

Cats love to cuddle and give love

It might take some time but eventually when they are ready, cats will reward you with warmth and affection that will melt your heart. Also, did you know that cats have the tendency to bring gifts? It might be a half-chewed mouse but it’s the thought that counts, right?


Are you in search of a fascinating pet that is not at all conventional? Well, then perhaps you should get yourself a reptile. While owning a unique pet might not be suitable for everybody, these beautiful animals will definitely help you stand out of the crowd and will give you something great to brag about. Here are a few reasons why you should adopt a reptile:

House Lizard in a Hand

No Need To Worry About Odors

One of the most notable benefits of adopting a reptile is you won’t have to worry about pet odors and weird smells. All you have to do is keep the cage clean and your reptile friends won’t stink up the house. However, this does not undermine the fact that you will have to regularly clean and disinfect your pet’s home.

Peace Of Mind

While dogs, cats and birds all make wonderful pets, they tend to be noisy, especially for folks who enjoy solitude and would much rather come home to a quiet house. With a pet snake or a turtle, you won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors or have trouble concentrating when you are studying for a big test.

Low Maintenance

While animals, such as ferrets, cats and dogs, require constant care, reptiles are typically low maintenance so there is not much that needs to be done on a daily basis. However, this depends on the species of reptile you choose. For example, snakes in particular do not need to be fed every day while they will need fresh water every day.

Lizzards are low maintannace

Ensure you do your research before bringing home a certain reptile. Additionally, like fish, you need not worry about entertaining your reptile friend. They will be more than happy to spend weekends on their own, without your supervision.

Fun To Watch

Sure, reptiles aren’t like other conventional house pets that you can pick up and cuddle but that doesn’t mean they’re no fun. Reptiles have their specific personality traits and can be just as cute as other animals. Snakes, geckos and lizards make for excellent and gracious pets that can be quite captivating to watch.

Don’t Worry About Allergies

Similar to fish, you need not worry about allergies when you are bringing home a pet reptile. The fear of allergies can scare off people into never adopting pets. Fortunately, they can conveniently adopt a reptile without worrying about these problems. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your pet leaving behind fur all over your furniture, clothes or worse on your newly mopped kitchen floor.

Reptiles usually cause no algeric reactions

On the downside, while reptiles are low maintenance and are classified as one of the most inexpensive pets, their equipment and enclosures can be costly. Not to mention, depending on the species, reptile food can be more expensive when compared to cat and dog food.


Hopefully, this handy guide has provided you all the information you need while choosing the best pet. Typically, getting a fish is your safest option if you cannot spend much time at home. Not to mention, you can get a gigantic aquarium that will amp up the overall décor of your home.

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